Sweet bricks and balls.

I'm  foodie person! I really enjoy eating and I am sweet-tooth person. What can I do? I really like sweets and can not imagine my life without them. All that challenges to try not to have sweets for a week or 30 days are not for me. But it does not mean that I can … Continue reading Sweet bricks and balls.


Sweet casserole

Hello! So it's winter and I am craving for something  warm and filling but most importantly something new & different. You get those cravings too !!?. Something that's not only delicious but also healthy, warms you up and make us feel good! And not the usual things like soups or cocoa to keep warm in … Continue reading Sweet casserole

Simple waffles.

Hello! Today is Friday 13th to make this day good you have to have a good breakfast! Full of nutrition and healthy. I decided to have oats waffles with almonds and banana-chocolate spread. Ingredients: 1 egg- vegans can use suitable replacement, such as apple sauce or flax seeds, banana, silken tofu, aquafaba- bean juice. 2 … Continue reading Simple waffles.