Home made scrub

Few weeks ago I came back from my vacations!! And like always after exposing myself to sun I  got a little bit burned and my skin started to coming off. It is not nice to see, specially in this weather when I’m only wearing T-shirts and shorts. I could have peeled my skin off  but then my sofa would be covered in my dead skin… yuck.., for some people it’s disgusting, it hurts sometimes and really, finally I got some color and now it’s leaving me ??!!! Where’s the justice?!!! ;( (I can not even buy any of self tanner lotion, because in India everyone wants to be pale, not like in Europe, where people want to get nice golden tan)  So I decided to make my own peeling/ scrub.

To be honest there’s not much of difference between both. Peeling and scrub both are used to remove dead skin, make our skin softer, give better blood circulation in  our cells, make skin looks younger and give this extra glow!! But we have to remember that peeling is less harsh than scrub, of course you can find different types of peelings, depending on gritty texture. Peeling can also be chemical, which means it contains different acids, and can be use on face, to remove dead skin, acne and scars. I used to go for this treatment, and it was very good and refreshing experience for my skin. Peelings usually are in watery form, which is less harm for our skin.

Scrubs on the other hand are harder and usually they are only for body use, very rarely for face. Scrubs are used to improve the appearance of sun-damaged, reduce wrinkles, improve acne scars or chicken pox, and discolor or remove stains, remove dead skin cells, stimulate the production of new cells, reducing the signs aging, giving it a more youthful appearance to our skin“.  I like to use scrub when I want to give my skin some harsh treatment and remove dead skin and dust, after this “torture” my skin is soft, refresh and very very clean.

There are many pros and cons about using peeling and scrub, different people will tell you different things, depends on their own experience. In my opinion both are equally good and can be used interchangeably. My advice is to ALWAYS READ ingredients!!! You never know what you can find in so called “best product”. Also talk with dermatologist or experienced beautician. She will advice you which treatment is the best for you skin type and for how long you should be using it.   UUff that’s a lot of information!:)     Ok so, I’m a fan of homemade peelings/scrubs. It’s so easy to make. Usually I’m using one fruit and something in gritty texture, like oats, coffee, salt, sugar. I’m also adding some honey, and when I want to relax myself few drops of food essence or body oils. I’m mixing everything in one bowl, splash some water on my body and then massaging particular body parts for few minutes. Always make circles, from left to right. When you notice that your skin is too red, use less pressure , and next time use smaller grains. You can also buy some special gloves and brushes.  

    From time to time spoil yourself and go to beauty parlor for proper refreshing and purifying scrub or peeling. In Japan is very popular to go to baths, where first you can go to sauna, then swim, then again go to sauna, and after go for totally body scrubbing. 

So my recipe is very easy!! You will need:

5 crushed cherries

2 Tbsp coffee

5 crushed almonds- I used almonds which were left from milk I made other day.


Mix everything in blender and during the bath/shower apply on your skin. This one can be put on face as well, it is not that harsh.  I applied my scrub and left it for 2 minutes, after that time I started to massaging . Massage for about 5 minutes, best results you will get after using it few times in a week, with one day break in between. After first time, my skin was so soft and it smells like cherries!

So as I said it is very easy to make your own scrub at home, without spending huge amount of money.


Cherries- those sometimes sweet sometimes sour small balls are very beneficial for our skin. Cherries are rich in antioxidants, which help in fighting wrinkles and delays aging process. They also aid in combating acne and skin eruptions.

So eat them or apply them on your face in mask form, results will come very soon !!

Coffee- coffee is been using in all different industries. We can drink it, we can eat it, we can wash with it, we can put it on our body, we can do whatever we want with coffee. Why it is beneficial for our skin? Coffee grounds work great as a face scrub because their texture helps exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The benefits include a smoother and cleaner face, and as an added benefit, the coffee also helps prevent dryness on your face. Coffee helps with cellulite reduction. Which of us doesn’t want to reduce this ugly orange skin? Use coffee scrub and after sometime you will notice, that your thighs will become softer, of course don’t forget to do some exercises to get better effects. Coffee will also help with puffy eyes, dark circles, will tight you skin and bright your skin. So drink coffee and use coffee!!

Almonds- another super food, which we can use in many areas of our life. Almonds oil has been known for its many benefits , Indian women use it on their hair and body, to make them shine and soft. Almonds contains a wide range of vital elements like soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, vitamin E, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and so on.   Crushed almonds are great as scrub, just mix them with yogurt and honey and apply on your face and body. If your skin is dry, soak few almond for a night and in the morning mashed them and apply on your skin. Mix them with milk and honey and use it as natural soap. After using it for some time your skin will be glowing and will be much softer.





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