Polish krokiety

Everyone has favorite childhood food. The food which was made by grandmother or grandad, and every time you are having it now, it brings many memories and takes you back to your childhood. I have few dishes like that. The best comfy food which tastes good only at home. One of those dishes is “krokiety” “croquette”. There are as many recipes for this dish as many grannies and moms:) Every recipe is a little bit different, because everyone has this one special ingredient.  I remember my mom making base for krokiety, which is nothing else like batter for normal crepes. Her crepes were always round, fluffy and thin.  We usually were having them on Monday, after Sunday chicken soup! That was one of the best food during my childhood.

Today I made my own krokiety. The recipe which I’m going to share with you is very easy and everyone, vegan, vegetarian and ,meat lover can make it!! Vegans and vegetarians can replace meat with tofu or add chickpeas. Batter can be made without egg, recipe for egg less , vegan crepes you can find here . (Just skip the part with green juice, and use normal water:))

For everyone else the recipe for crepes is below ⇓

Recipe for two crepes:

1 egg

3 Tbsp flour

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup milk

                        1/4 cup soup- this is not a must, I added some soup instead of adding more water, and also because of the flavor. 

1/2 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper

1 Tbsp oil


Add all ingredients into a bowl and whisk until you have proper consistency. Batter should be creamy and not to thick. If it’s to thick add some water , if it’s to watery add some more flour. Preheat your pan, wait for few minutes, reduce heat to medium , and start frying your crepes. I can never make nice round crepes, but who cares?? Cooking should be fun! So if your crepes are not perfect be happy about it!! Anyway  you will roll them later and no one will notice:) When  your crepes are ready make filling.

   Usually for stuffing my mom was using vegetables and meat from chicken soup , which was cooked by my dad. And that’s what I also did.  I used vegetables from soup, I cooked yesterday( smart cooking ;p) and some chicken meat, plus I used some cauliflower, which mom( my Indian mother-in -law)  prepared for lunch. So, I put all the vegetables- carrot mushrooms, green beans, in blender and mixed it. I added some oats- too much of water was in my vegetables, some cauliflower- with spicy masala, and some more masala. If you don’t have vegetables from soup, prepare them now. Just take one carrot, mushrooms, peas or green beans, parsley, steamed it and then blend it. So simple, and simple cooking is the best cooking!!:)

 On one crepe put some filling, fold sides and then from the bottom start rolling. That’s simple. If you want to have crispy brown krokiets, coated them in egg and bread crumbs, and then fry them until they’re gold.  Now your krokiets are ready!! Make some simple salad and enjoy the taste of polish traditional meal!!!


Let me know how you like this recipe!!









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