Pulled buns.

Hi guys!!

I hope you liked my last post, about pasta salad. If you haven’t seen it yet you can check it here.

      Today I want to share with you another recipe which is brilliant for party, whether it is inside or outside. To be honest, this recipe is in my family since I can remember. Only my grandma is making those buns, because her buns are amazing!!! Usually we’re having them for lunch with a cup of beetroot borsch in winter, or as a snack in summer. It works every time and everywhere.
We call them “szarpańce” which in free translation means “Pulled buns”. The name came from the way we separate them. When they are on a baking tray, still warm, whoever wants one, has to pulled the bun, to separate it form others. In  my family everyone knows “szarpańce” and everyone loves them!

The recipe is easy, dough is very soft, spongy and elastic. I think it’s the best yeast dough I’ve ever made, and believe me I’ve tried many recipes.  This recipe is for approximately 20 buns, well it depends on how big you will make them, however it should be enough for 20 buns. I divided my  dough into two, so one portion I used for those buns, and one for something else ;p  This dough is so amazing that I’ll keep using it in many ways. Really, after so many trials I’ve finally found perfect dough.


Ok so here’s the recipe:

250 grams of flour plus 50 grams will be needed later- I used normal self raising

1/2 yogurt*- simple normal or Greek one will be fine

7 grams dry yeast nor 25 grams of fresh ones – you can make leaven first, but it’s not necessarily*

1 Tbsp sugar- don’t use sugar if you made leaven

40 grams of soft butter

So that’s what you will need for dough, now about the filling. Well I used the same filling which was used in my krokiety , plus some shredded cheese and tomato sauce. In Poland it is very popular to use this kind of stuffing, however if you don’t like this one, you can put some vegetables- whichever you would put on pizza, some cheese and tomato sauce, and make small pizza rolls.

Oh!! Another recipe is in my head, so soon another post with this dough will be here 🙂

Ok now, If you decided to make leaven good if not it’s fine. It is not really needed in this case.  Remember to use wooden spoon, yeast don’t like metal, so always use WOODEN SPOON, to be sure, that no chemical reaction between metal and yeast is there.

How to make dough? It’s easy, follow those steps:

  1. Make leaven. If you decide not to make it, just add yeast into flour.
  2. Sieve flour.
  3. Add butter and yogurt. Mix everything in your hands.
  4. Add leaven and mix with your hands.
  5.  Dough at the beginning will be sticky and gooey and it will be hard to make any shape with it. Don’t worry, later you will add 50 grams of flour and it will be fine. Knead dough for few minutes and put it aside for 10 minutes. It should increase the size slightly.
  6. After 10 minutes add 50 grams of flour, now knead it until the dough is soft, elastic and you can form nice ball out of it. Again put it aside for 20 minutes. should rise a little bit. The most important is, that the dough is elastic and easy to formed.
  7. After 20 minutes take your ball and divided into two balls, it will be easier for you to work with it. One ball put on your pastry board and start rolling with rolling pin. Dough should have rectangle shape, but whatever shape you will get it will be good. Remember cooking is fun!!
  8. Spread your filling on prepared base and start rolling, from bottom to top.
  9. Cut your roll into small buns.
  10. Preheat oven 180°C
  11. Place your buns on baking tray. Brush them with beaten egg. Put them aside for 5 minutes
  12. Bake buns for 30 minutes, until they are golden on the top.
  13. Serve them when they are warm with some tomato sauce.





Dough after I added 50 grams of flours and knead it, for about 10 minutes.









Hope you will find this recipe useful and easy. Please let me know how you like it!!



*Yogurt makes this dough more elastic and soft, also it’s a replacement for milk. If you are vegetarian or vegan use soy milk or soy yogurt.

*If you decide to make leaven, you will need 150 ml warm water, 3 Tbsp flour and 1/2 Tbsp sugar. Mix yeast in water first then add flour and sugar, use wooden spoon!!! Combine everything nicely, covered with cloths and keep in warm place for 15 minutes. Yeast will work best in warm place, remember to not to use to hot water, and don’t use expired yeast, they will not rise.



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