Vegan crepes

     I’m a big fun of crepes! I can have them every day ! With different toppings, small, big, fluffy, chocolate, vanilla or any other. When I was a child I loved when my mom was making her crepes with cottage cheese and sugar and yogurt. That was the best lunch ever! My mom’s “naleśniki” were always perfect and delicious, she never burnt any, never make too much or too less, always right. And she never fold them into a triangle, she always rolled them, and this is also my favorite way to eat them. When I’m making my crepes I’m always experimenting. I don’t have any special recipe or only one which I’m using. Of course I know how the batter should be but I never measured the ingredients. Sometimes I’m making small ones, commonly known as pancakes- this one are fluffy and soft and spongy. Sometimes I’m making big crepes, which I can fold and again feel like a child!

Because now I am trying to have one whole meal fully vegan or raw I decided to make vegetarian crepes. I was wondering how it will come out and I was very pleased with the result:) Ahh my crepes are green, read more and you will see why 😉


250 grams flour (1 cup)

2Tbsp sugar- brown or white or any other sweetener

1/2 cup of almond milk or any other milk

1 cup of green juice- my green juice is a leftover from the day before. It’s green because I used spinach and apple and parsley 😉

2 Tbsp oil- can be coconut oil or any other.

That’s all! With this portion you will get 8 big crepes and 2 small or 9 big crepes, it also depends on the size of your pan. You can change the measurement and use 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of water.

Combine all the ingredients, you can do it in your blender or use whisk. As last add oil, I’m always adding oil directly into the batter, why? because later I don’t have to add it on the pan and it makes crepes very soft and slightly spongy. If you think that the batter is too thick, add little bit of water, if it’s too thin add some flour, but be careful, the best consistency should be
similar to 12 % cream or to melted ice cream 😉 Prepare your pan, it has to be really warm, not too hot because you will burn your crepes, keep it on medium heat. Usually my first crepe is always bad, but this time it was perfect:) So when everything is ready pour 1 scoop of batter on the pan and move it around so you get nice round shape. If you are not good at that don’t worry, use the scoop to spread the batter. I’m always trying both ways and mu crepes are never perfect .:) Maybe have to make them more often 🙂 Put your crepes on a plate and always cover them with a lid, to keep them warm. When all the crepes are ready , prepare some spread and fruits. I made some banana spread with almond milk and cocoa.

Enjoy your breakfast/lunch/snack/ dinner  and let me know how did you like them ! 🙂





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