Dates cinnamon buns

Everyone loves cinnamon buns. The aroma, the taste is so amazing that you want to have them every day. I personally love simple cinnamon buns and those with apple and cinnamon filling, freshly baked in the morning are the best thing to have with freshly brewed coffee.  Ohhh so yummy..     There are many variations … Continue reading Dates cinnamon buns


Pulled buns.

Hi guys!! I hope you liked my last post, about pasta salad. If you haven't seen it yet you can check it here.       Today I want to share with you another recipe which is brilliant for party, whether it is inside or outside. To be honest, this recipe is in my family since I … Continue reading Pulled buns.

Homemade chickpeas flour

                 There are as many different types of flours as many grains we can find. In my house we were only using wheat flour for cakes,pancakes, basically for any type of pastry, rye flour , when my mom was making bread and spelt flour. Those three were the basic one in my house.  I also … Continue reading Homemade chickpeas flour