Dates cinnamon buns

Everyone loves cinnamon buns. The aroma, the taste is so amazing that you want to have them every day. I personally love simple cinnamon buns and those with apple and cinnamon filling, freshly baked in the morning are the best thing to have with freshly brewed coffee.  Ohhh so yummy..     There are many variations … Continue reading Dates cinnamon buns


Chocolate peanut butter cups

I'm a big fan of sweets, everywhere I go I'm trying new treats. I remember first time when I came to UK and found Reese's cups! OMG that was something completely new for me and so delicious! I could eat 3 at once! Of course that time I wasn't a big fun of healthy eating … Continue reading Chocolate peanut butter cups

Raspberry millet cake

Hello everyone!! Few days ago in Poland we had a long weekend. We celebrated Labour Day and Constitution Day. Long weekend means a lot of food 🙂 Many people were having barbecue, family meetings or just going somewhere for a short holiday. Every occasion is good to eat,however there shouldn't be any occasion to eat … Continue reading Raspberry millet cake

Something sweet, something small, something delicious

Hello everyone!! I'm a big fan of healthy food:) Haha..who isn't these days?. Now days everywhere you look there are information about healthy food like stars in the sky. What's good for us, what kind of food we should be eating, how many calories one product has and how many are there in the other … Continue reading Something sweet, something small, something delicious

New idea for pancakes.

Everyone loves pancakes! Who doesn't? There are plenty options how to make them, I think that the number of ideas is endless. Today I decided to make some pancakes for breakfast. How different are mine from others? Well I used no single egg in mine, no milk, yogurt, or any of dairy products. My pancakes … Continue reading New idea for pancakes.