Vegan crepes

     I'm a big fun of crepes! I can have them every day ! With different toppings, small, big, fluffy, chocolate, vanilla or any other. When I was a child I loved when my mom was making her crepes with cottage cheese and sugar and yogurt. That was the best lunch ever! My mom's "naleśniki" … Continue reading Vegan crepes


Homemade chickpeas flour

                 There are as many different types of flours as many grains we can find. In my house we were only using wheat flour for cakes,pancakes, basically for any type of pastry, rye flour , when my mom was making bread and spelt flour. Those three were the basic one in my house.  I also … Continue reading Homemade chickpeas flour

Something sweet, something small, something delicious

Hello everyone!! I'm a big fan of healthy food:) Haha..who isn't these days?. Now days everywhere you look there are information about healthy food like stars in the sky. What's good for us, what kind of food we should be eating, how many calories one product has and how many are there in the other … Continue reading Something sweet, something small, something delicious