Chocolate peanut butter cups

I'm a big fan of sweets, everywhere I go I'm trying new treats. I remember first time when I came to UK and found Reese's cups! OMG that was something completely new for me and so delicious! I could eat 3 at once! Of course that time I wasn't a big fun of healthy eating … Continue reading Chocolate peanut butter cups


Sweet bricks and balls.

I'm  foodie person! I really enjoy eating and I am sweet-tooth person. What can I do? I really like sweets and can not imagine my life without them. All that challenges to try not to have sweets for a week or 30 days are not for me. But it does not mean that I can … Continue reading Sweet bricks and balls.

Simple waffles.

Hello! Today is Friday 13th to make this day good you have to have a good breakfast! Full of nutrition and healthy. I decided to have oats waffles with almonds and banana-chocolate spread. Ingredients: 1 egg- vegans can use suitable replacement, such as apple sauce or flax seeds, banana, silken tofu, aquafaba- bean juice. 2 … Continue reading Simple waffles.

Raspberry millet cake

Hello everyone!! Few days ago in Poland we had a long weekend. We celebrated Labour Day and Constitution Day. Long weekend means a lot of food 🙂 Many people were having barbecue, family meetings or just going somewhere for a short holiday. Every occasion is good to eat,however there shouldn't be any occasion to eat … Continue reading Raspberry millet cake